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How it Works

  • Mobile Phone

    Go anywhere

    Tap your Wave card on board any RIPTA bus, trolley or van to pay for your transit ride.

  • Transit Card


    Load money to your Wave card on the website, using your phone, at local retailers or by calling RIPTA. No need to hassle with cash.

  • Meter

    Earn as you go

    Paying with the Wave Card or mobile app saves riders money! Once the Wave has been used enough times to equal the cost of a Day Pass, you’ll earn a Day Pass, and the rest of the day’s rides are free.
    Riders will never pay more than a Day Pass in a day.

  • Manage Online

    Manage it all on line

    You can set up an account on line to reload your card at a threshold, or monthly or just when you need it.

  • Multiple Transit Cards

    Manage multiple cards

    Your card’s serial number is linked to your account. You can link other family members to the same account and have multiple ways to load on line.

  • Lost Transit Card

    Lose a card?

    Don’t worry! If you set up an account, you can simply go on line, cancel your lost card and transfer the balance to your new card.  Or you can call Customer Service for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are lots of convenient reasons to use your Wave card but the key ones are:

  • No paper tickets or passes to keep track off
  • Balance protection if your card is lost or stolen
  • Get a card at over a hundred retail locations
  • Set up autoload so you are never stuck without fare

Just tap your card next to the reader sign on the validator and go! Check out the video on the Help page for more information.

One of the best features of Wave card is that your money is protected in case your card is lost or stolen. But if you want this protection, you need to register your card first on this site.

Registering your card has many advantages:

  • Card and account protection
  • If your card is lost or stolen, you can easily deactivate the card, set-up a new card with access to your existing pass and or stored value.
  • Reload and purchase passes online.
  • Set-up autoload.
  • Easily manage multiple cards for your family or group.

Your Wave card has a chip in it that allows a specific radio frequency to read it at a card reader. The card reader then sends a signal to a back office to confirm the card has a valid account associated with it. The account holds either a pass or value that you can use to ride transit. Every time you tap your card, a signal is sent to the Wave card back office to confirm that your account is good to go.

Right now you can use the Wave card on any RIPTA bus, trolley or van.

You can click below to see additional answers to frequent questions or you can call 401-781-9400 to speak to a Customer Service Agent.

Organizations can set up institutional Wave accounts to link to their client or employee Wave cards and load RIPTA fare products. To create an institutional account, please contact RIPTA customer service: (401) 784-9500 x2012.